Je ne sais quoi,

Handmade with love..., inspired by live, love and beautiful materials. Founded by the layers of the past and the love for the future, being here and now. I just love to create and mix elegance, comfort and beautiful materials, made of natural fabrics and also died eco-friendly, that's why all our materials are oeko-tex and the garments made by hand in the Netherlands in small collections and some unique items.

As a little girl i loved to draw, create fashion, remake old clothes, crafting and also ballet dancing. As i was twelve i went to the academy of dancing where i have been in the most wonderful environment, with beautiful live piano and other music all around in an old monastery. I can not describe how special. Dancing, learning, working hard all day, all week mostly in rags of dancewear in a very nice special flow. 

After having to quit the academy (cause of a back injury) when i was 18, i went back to a normal life (as i would say) and went on with my passion for creating and designing and my love for beautiful garments and materials. So i went to the academy of arts to study fashion design in wich i graduated in 2001 with a collection inspired by old dolls and made of natural materials like cotton, leather, linen, and lace. 

But then after graduating i was a little lost, tried many differend jobs in fashion, but never really feeling in place. I learned a lot and also that i always kept the need to do my own thing, just by creating things. At first of course only women's garments. But after i became a mother of two inspiring girls i began to create garments for little girls. Comfi-fit and made of soft materials . That's where i began my own label Je ne sais quoi! and as you can see, my past is always reflected as an inspiration in my collections.  

Because of the love for live, freedom, beautiful materials, dancing, creating and the love for nature  i find it very important to use sustainable fabrics, died eco-friendly and handmade clothes with a very comfortable fit and also soft and nice materials. I really feel its better to buy less, or use what already is there, to reuse or re discover and follow your hard by choosing well. So create with love,  buy consiously and love the garments you wear. 

I hope you will enjoy our garments as well as i do.

Warm regards and love,




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